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Year / 2019

Client / Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.


Reevaluating Wood - Research into the Benefits Wood Brings is an installation designed to introduce Sumitomo Forestry's research into wood during Milan Design Week 2019.

Engaging in global businesses including forest management, manufacturing and distribution of timber/building materials, housing construction, and the environmental energy, Sumitomo Forestry will be celebrating its 350th year anniversary in 2041. They are researching and reevaluating wood from various perspectives, with a view to develop new technologies and accumulate knowledge to construct a 350-meter-tall wooden high-rise building by then.

With that vision, among all the benefits it brings us, seven space-related benefits of wood were especially introduced through the installation comprised of wooden canopies and desktop partitions.


Over the duration of the exhibition, we conducted a survey, for example, on which benefits of wood you are interested in, or on what kind of space you would like to use wood for, so as to realise greener living together with the visitors.

This was a collaborative project with Akira Muraoka.


Concept, Direction, Research and Development: Kosuke Araki, Akira Muraoka

Design: Kosuke Araki, Akira Muraoka (space and product) / Kosuke Araki (graphic)

Production (product): Sumitomo Forestry Crest

​Photography: Michel Giesbrecht

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