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Year / 2018

Client / MCXT (​Material Connexion Tokyo) and

Sumitomo Forestry ltd.


Canopy is a roof gently creating a place within a space, which is for from a person to some people and for relaxation or concentration. A mild and calm spot can be easily installed in a public space like working place. For meeting, chatting, browsing, waiting or resting, it can serve for many situations.

Desktop Forest and Canopy are designed for an exhibition, Material Design Exhibition 2018organised by Material ConneXion Tokyo. For the exhibition, they produced collaborative projects by matching companies with designers, and Kosuke's company was Sumitomo Forestry.

​Sumitomo Forestry has research data on the benefits wood brings. The project brief was designing something which can make a public appeal of their data in a tangible format. Kosuke focuses on the ones related to space and has conceived this idea, because, according to their data, being surrounded by wood brings many befits, such as, the passage of time is felt slower, light bounced by wood becomes soft and easy on the eyes, better concentration and relaxation are brought.


Concept: Kosuke Araki

Design: Kosuke Araki, Akira Muraoka

Research and Development: Kosuke Araki, Akira Muraoka, Sumitomo Forestry

​Production: Sumitomo Forestry Crest

​Photography: Masami Naruo, Kosuke Araki (only one on the bottom)

*A Registered Design (owned by Kosuke Araki, Akira Muraoka)


Nominated for the Workplace Design category of Dezeen Awards 2020.

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