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Year / 2021

Client / Baku Takahashi

Kosuke contributed as a spatial designer to glass artist Baku Takahashi’s solo exhibition held at the entrance space of Spiral, which was designed by architect Fumihiko Maki, in Omotesando, Tokyo.

Plinths are designed in simple box shape with plain surface in order not to make a collision with the unique organic shapes of the artist's work.

Their colours are decided to match for the impressive metal wall of the space and set off the vivid works as a backdrop. This space normally looks rather cool because of the wall. However, by making full use of its misty reflection, the space is coloured vibrantly, and its impression is dramatically altered.

The plinths are carefully positioned in order to provide room for visitors to see the works in relaxing mood and walk around them. They settles slightly diagonally to produce welcoming impression to the visitors and bring dynamism to the space.

By suggesting other possible arrangements of the plinths for display, half of them have been bought by Spiral and the rest has been owned by another company. They will continue to be used, which has minimised waste from a temporary display.


Concept, Design: Kosuke Araki

​Research and Development, Production: Koichi Noguchi

​Typography: Takahiro Inoue

​Photography: Kosuke Araki

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