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Year / 2017

The name RRR stands for Rice-Reinforced Rolls. They are made of rice, sawdust and jute. The legs of the stool look robust and heavy, but they are cylindrical so the stool is actually light.

Especially focusing on the ones rooted in Japanese culture, Kosuke has been revisiting plant-based materials and the techniques of processing them in search for possibilities of using them as alternatives to synthetic plastics.


For this project, he refers to a glue made from rice, which has a long history in Japanese craft industry and which some carpenters used for even constructing a house.

Through research, he has also found that, nowadays, there are tons of rice which are not consumed even as feed in Japan. Most of them seem to be imported rice which gets mould. This fact is another motivation of researching new ways of utilising rice.


This work comprises of 'Plantist's Life' collection together with Piney Pasta, developed for Experimental Creations 2017 exhibition.


Concept, Design, Production: Kosuke Araki

​Material Research and Development: Kosuke Araki, Akira Muraoka

​Photography: Kosuke Araki


The stool was on display at Leisure Center, a department store in Vancouver, Canada. On the bottom of this page, there are some photos of the store and how the work was displayed in their space. (Image courtesy of Leisure Center)

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