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Year / 2009

Client / Nike, Inc.


Bare Shoot (concept model) is conceived as football training shoes for children living in urban environment which give them a feeling as if they were playing barefoot.


This idea is came up with based on the fact that world leading footballers are often from south america where they unfortunately or fortunately spent their childhood without shoes and played football with their bare feet. Kosuke believes this is one of the factors why they could become such skilled players.


However, in urban cities most of roads are paved, so too hard for children to play football without shoes. His idea provides the wearers a sense of palying barefoot as well as a protection from damages.


​There is no clear evidence that through playing football with barefeet everyone will be able to become a great player, but that must enhance player's physical strength and ability to control a ball by excersing through direct contact with it.



Concept, Design, Research and Development, Production: Kosuke Araki

​Photography: Kosuke Araki

The shoes are made in strechy and durable material so they are worn like socks. Sensation of touching ball can be felt better through the sole as its thickness is relatively thinner than normal, and this assists its wearer in being more conscious of which part of his feet is used to control a ball in a certain way.


Based on his hands-on research, thick layer is applied to frequently-used areas to protect the wear's feet from impact of running and kicking and wear and tear; on the other hand, where sensitive feeling is needed is made thinner. In addition to that, areas applied darker colour are harder than lighter areas (see image below).


The form of the shoe is designed to be rounded for smooth ball control: its sole and upper have no transition. Besides, diagonal grooves are applied throughout its surface to provide not only good grip for playing but also a good fit to the wear's feet. The grooved patterns brought from the sole all the way up to the upper also serves as an emphasis of a sense of no transition in appearance.


This design was a proposal for a joint industry-university research project by NIKE and Tama Art University between 2008-2009.

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