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Year / 2020-2021

As his humble demonstration against racial inequality, Kosuke proposes alternative designs of the Olympic and Paralympic symbols which cerebrate the racial diversity of athletes, staffs and spectators.

The Olympics and Paralympics are (should work as) one of the symbolic events of fair and peaceful spirit. The atheletes’ performance must be praised for regardless of their nationalities, sexes, races or colours in the games and beyond the games.

The colours of the current Olympic symbol represent the Five Continents. On the other hand, the current Paralympic symbol originally consisted of five parts and had the same colours as the Olympic’s was redesigned in 1994 in three parts which represent spirit, body and mind.

The colours of the Olympic alternative focuses not on the countries of regions (continets) the athletes, staffs and spectators are from but on themselves. The Paralympic alternative, which increases its momentum with the addition of two more swooshes in reference to its very original version, is also recoloured to enhance its representation. In this way, the philosophy of the Olympics and the Paralympics are reinforced, and these symbols become more human and proudly communicate the very essence of the events (humans themselves).


Just because born Asian or Japanese, he has experienced racial discrimination several times while living in London or traveling around Europe. Even though the experiences were not comparable with the cruelties continuously reported from overseas at all, they were enough to be felt as a denial of his identity or existence. Hoping for realisation of a fair and peaceful world, Kosuke created these alternative designs as representation of his voice for racial equality.

Diversity must not be subjected to discrimination. It is diversity that makes the world full of wonder. It balances the world. It makes the world rich and deep. It is a treasure of the universe.

Diversity is beautiful.


​Concept, Design, Research and Development: Kosuke Araki

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